Thursday, June 15, 2006

2006 Handwoven Bookmark Exchange

The 2006 Handwoven Bookmark Exchange began in late 2005 through a discussion on one of the weaving lists. Twenty weavers quickly signed up for the first bookmark exchange. The exchange was so popular another bookmark exchange was then set up for other weavers who wanted to participate. We had close to six months to finish our bookmarks.

Louise was the coordinator for the exchange. And everyone who participated thanks her heartily for her help.

This was the distribution policy that Louise used for our bookmark exchange...of the 20 participants, four dropped out leaving 16 weavers in the final group.

Four weavers submitted less than 16 bookmarks
- one weaver submitted 5
- one weaver submitted 7
- one weaver submitted 10 and
- one weaver submitted 11.

Some weavers submitted multiple designs and/or more than 16 bookmarks.

Each participant who sent in 16 or more bookmarks received a total of 16 bookmarks. Some weavers may have received two bookmarks from the same weaver. All bookmarks not distributed were returned to the original weaver.

I volunteered to take pictures and put them on the web so everyone could share them with friends and Guilds. These are pictures of the bookmarks I received. Some weavers made bookmarks that varied in color, design or structure...only the ones I have are illustrated. When the back of the bookmark varied from the front...I put a picture of both in the write-up. I also added some [but not all] of the commentary that came with each bookmark.

On the right sidebar is a listing of the weave structure and name of the each weaver that participated in this exchange. Just click on the name and through the magic of the internet you will be taken to the respective page.

Enjoy & happy weaving!

Fiber Scriber


Anonymous jaflady said...

Hi fiberscriber - really nice to check them all out. Thanks for the display. There is a problem with the Undulating twill - though - probably a script error or something. Anyway it won't show up and everything else does beautifully

7:06 AM  
Blogger Fiberscriber said...

Thanks for the heads up! It's all fixed now. It turned out to be rosepath that was undulating...not twill.

8:09 AM  

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