Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Undulating Rosepath by Patricia

Undulating Rosepath Version 11 - - From The Rosepath Motif, by Margaret Windeknecth

Warp Description
Warp yarn: 8/2 cotton
Sett: 24 epi
Reed: 12 dpi
Sley: 2 per dent
# ends: 72

Weft Description
Weft yarn: 8/2 cotton tabby, 10/2 cotton pattern
Color: tabby pink, pattern purple

Finishing: Machine stitches, washed, dried and ironed.

.I am 57 years old, had two daughters, and two grandaughters, and another grand baby on the way. We live on three acres of ground, partially wooded. Have three cats, 1 German shepherd, 1 golden retriever puppy, and an orange winded Amazon parrot.

I have been weaving on and off for 20+ years. Started back in NJ when I was raising my daughters. Did some basic teaching of weaving out of my house. Had a nice little studio and used table looms for teaching. Once we moved, the weaving got put aside, no room and no studio. So I do very little now, its just so much trouble getting everything together. Things are scattered all over, my dining room is the storage area, some stuff in the basement, some stuff in a hall closet, and my Schacht loom in the family room.

I have a 36" Schacht, 8H, 10T. A 45" Glamakra, 8H, 10T. A Reeves Spinning wheel and other assorted gadgets.

May 2006


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