Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Classic Moorman by Louise

"...and one thing leads to another...

In mid 2005, I participated in a handwoven note card exchange and at the end, received a box full of fascinating and creative cards.

I needed to weave and exchange more...and the handwoven bookmark exchange evolved.

This bookmark is woven using the classic Moorman Exercise from page 19 of the book, Theme and Variation, MOre Weaving that Sings by Nadine Sanders and Joyce Harter.

epi: 36

24 ground warps in 10/2 perle cotton

12 tie down warps in 20/2 perle cotton

All warp yarns from Halcyon

Weft: various and from many sources...mostly forgotten

Reed: 12 dent

The 2004 Grace Hudson Museum newsletter shows me in a typical position at my desk at the museum wearing a jacket of fabric, I designed, wove and created. An origami peacock sits on the top of the computer monitor. "

Czarina of Origami
Redwood City, California


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