Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Rosepath by Karen

Greetings fellow bookmark exchange members!

I really enjoyed participating in this exchange but I feel as if I need to start all over again to apply what I've learned! Each bookmark was a study in itself and I regret, I made many mistakes both in design and technique. But hopefully, you'll understand and still find a 'home' for your bookmark.

I've been a weaver since 1978 and in the past decade have mostly woven rugs. So, working with finer threads was a challenge for me and a surprising one!

I have a few 'antique looms' - a Weaver's Delight and a Newcomb which are my favorites for weaving rugs. One of my all time favorite looms was my first loom - a Harrisville 22" floor loom. I wove my first rug/bath mat on that loom and that rug is one of the few that is still holding up!!! I also have a LeClerc Nilus, a 36" homemade loom, a tri-loom I built, a Navaho loom I built as well as a couple of table looms.

The bookmarks for this exchange were woven on the Dorothy table loom by LeClerc. I've included the rosepath threading used for these bookmarks and have indicated the particular pattern for each bookmark."


Editors Note: the bookmarks shown are a 'tulip' pattern...which you may not have recognized since the photos are upside down!


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