Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Finn Weave by Martha

Pattern: Finnweave

Source: Handwoven Jan/Feb. 1999

Material: 8/2 unmerc. cotton.

Sett: 40 epi in 10 dent reed with two light pattern and 2 dark ground

The threading for this weaving is very straight forward. However, it would be difficult to explain the weaving process here. [Editor: note the pictures illustrate the back and front of the same bookmark]

I am a fifty eight year old retired CCRN. I have been doing knitting and crochet as far back as I can remember, but almost 20 years ago I decided that spinning would be a great thing to learn. This lead directly to my learning basket making so I would have something neat to put my wools and yarns in.

Then approximately 10 years ago, I decided I had knitted enough socks, sweaters etc. so the next thing was weaving. My DH built me a beautiful small four harness loom. I bought a couple of books and got started. I have never had a lesson, but I do have a friend who is also a weaver, so we bounce ideas and problems off each other, which has been a great help.

June 2006


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