Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Reversing Twill by Tricia

"Here is a brief description of the weave.

Some of the bookmarks I wove were in pick up damask, but I used the 3 shaft twill to weave the others. This particular bookmark is woven with a white weft in a reversing twill. It was a 1,2,3 treadling and then reversed. The black and white I used as weft is a seed yarn with an uneven pattern which gives a wonderful fancy effect for no effort.

The damask bookmarks had a pick-up. I picked up the pattern threads, put the pick-up stick toward the reed, changed theshed and then put in a weft, after removing the stick. Then repeated the sequence. I learned the technique from Erica de Ruiter and would love to be more specific, but it seems it needs a lesson. It did not work that well on the bookmarks as I think a bigger canvas would be better.

I have some rayon seed yarn in black and white and that was on the"patterned" ones. So simple. I do not know what will happen when I runout of that fabulous well-aged yarn.

About myself.

I live in BC in the Kootenays in a small town of Rossland. This is a ski town, experiencing a building boom, which does not seem to be a great thing as we have lots of shops closing. I love the area as the mountains are so lovely, the weather is moderate and I love the seasons. Right now very, very green as we have had lots and lots of rain. I am married, to a wonderful man who is tolerant of my weaving, spinning, dyeing, felting and other things. I am a Master Spinner, no handspun on the bookmarks, though.

I ski, but have graduated to Cross Country skiing after 28 or so years of Downhill skiing. Knees seem to start to complain, but the walking, biking, canoeing, and cross country skiing are fine, as is the gardening, which seems to be mainly pulling weeds.We live in town, but so close to the woods that we have problems with squirrels, raccoons, deer and bears. The deer love my choice of food and the bears like the fruit trees. The raccoons will destroy whatever they can. No grandchildren, but one mature SamoyedX dog who I dearly love as well. I love my kids too.

I enjoyed the bookmark exchange."



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