Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Taquete by Fiber Scriber

Weave Structure: taquete

Design: I created each beetle unique beetle pattern for each series of bookmarks. I wove 19 series. Each series consisted of three bookmarks.

Warp: overlock sewing thread

Weft: Sulky embroidery thread of 40 wt. rayon and some pieces have holoshimmer.

Sett: 40 epi

Reed: 10 dpi with 4 threads per dent

Fringe: used floating warp on each side

Loom: 8 harness Purrington Table Loom

Finishing: sergered the ends

Futher information - just click to see/read more:

How I started

Warping commences

My first bookmark & more warping discoveries

What my loom looked like

What I do when I am lost for color

Just off the loom


I love to weave both taquete and tapestry. You can read more about me, my weaving and my journey into knitting in my other blogs. See profile to the right.


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