Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Leno by Nancy

Ground: 10/2 white cotton
Sett: 30 epi
Reed: 10 dent
Number of ends: 56 on shafts 1 & 2

Supplementary A:
10/2 hand dyed cotton used double on shafts 3 &4 only
Heddle 3 is dented with one pair of ground warps which precede it.
Heddle 4 is dented with one pair ground warps which follow it.

Supplementary B:
Mix of 10/2 and 8/2 used as above
Notes: There are 8 picks of ground between each supplementary warp tie down. There are 2 tie-downs before the leno twist is done. It is recommended to use a pickup stick on the leno twist.

A second beam or separate weights must be used with the supplementary warp. Do not beam with the ground warp because of different take-up ratios. Also, test weight on the Supplementary warp. You do not want too much weight.

Supplementary warp A was hand dyed by NancyJoDesigns.

Nancy has completed the Ontario Handweavers Certificate Master certificate Program. After completing this program she has continued her studies in color and design with Pat Lambert, professor at Parsons School of Design and primary author and photographer of Color and Fiber. She has also done independent studies in color, design, weaving and knitting techniques, and has attended numerous workshops. Presently Nancy team-teaches weaving with Mary Jo under the name NancyJoDesigns and various workshops on color, knitting and weaving."



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