Tuesday, June 13, 2006

An 8 Shaft Pattern by Joyce

Sources: "A Weaver's Book of 8-Shaft Patterns, edited by Carol Strickler, page 103, treadling 369, 370 or 371, depending on which bookmark you received. [371 is pictured here...FS]

Yarn: Warp: No. 10 crochet thread purchased at Joanne's. Weft: Doubled strand of 10/2 perle cotton, color No. 43, beige, purchased from Halcyon Yarn.

Threading & Sleying: 3 repeats of pattern. Doubled floating selvege as well as doubled first two and last two threads of warp (72 end sotal). Ends were sleyed 4/dent in a 12-dent reed.

Weaving: Crochet thread was woven for first 10 and last 10 pics of bookmarks.

Finishing: Zig-zag stitched beginning and ending of each bookmark then used rotary cutter to cut fringes.

Comments: I wanted to weave bookmarks that would be appropriate to give to men as well as women. I hope I have succeeded. Enjoy!

I'm 63 years old, married for the second time and have a 35 year old son by my first marriage. I live on Cape Code in Massachusetts and am retired from the working world. I've been weaving and spinning since about 1972. This spring I sold my 4-harness LeClerc loom that I have been using since the 70's and bought a Gilmore 32" 8-harness loom. After changing the tie-ups to texsolv, I have been enjoying this loom. Very sturdy. Other interests/hobbies include kayaking, skiing, golf, duplicate bridge and knitting. "

June 2006


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