Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Plain Weave by Catherine

This bookmark was handwoven on an inkle loom, using spaced-dyed cotton warp and 5/2 perle cotton weft.

Using spaced dyed yarn makes the finished weaving look more complicated than the plain weave it is.


June 2006

ps. All the bookmarks are all so lovely - so lovely I have to share them. When my husband and I 'retired' to Tehachapi (mountain community between Bakersfield and Lancaster, CA. at 4700ft) we were fortunate enough to find a home with a small room that we could use as a library. We have put round table with two chairs and recliner in there along with book shelves along two walls. I have put them into a basket so that any visitor coming for a visit and wants to read quielty can borrow a bookmark.

Thanks again for all of the work and thougthfulness and to Louise for organizing the entire experience!


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